Videos from the Art Alert group in Nuneaton, UK

‘What’s history in Nuneaton?’ Young people’s reflections on the town’s past, present, and future

In July 2012 six young people from the Art Alert group in Nuneaton – Eva Newtown, Rosie Hogan, Joseph Lole, Joseph Hincks, Martha Lole and George Lole – took part in a workshop series exploring community history and memory of the town’s industrial heritage, its transmission across generations and its impact on the young people’s perspective on a contemporary life in the small deindustrialised town. The workshop was organised as part of the collaboration between Warwick University and the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum and co-funded by the University of Warwick and the MYPLACE project.

For more information download the full description of the exhibition.

For more information download the workshop group PDF.

Read the full report here.

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