For Researchers

MYPLACE makes a significant contribution to our understanding of youth political and civic engagement due to its extensive scope (30 locations in 14 European countries) and its employment of a combination of survey, interview and a large number and range of ethnographic case studies of youth activism.  Future research will be able to draw on published articles and books from the project as well as more detailed and technical reports and the MYPLACE survey data set.

Publications from the project will continue to be published over a number of years to come – please watch this space for new additions.

Details of books collating findings from across the project as well as monographs by individual authors and project teams can be found here

Links to journal articles based on MYPLACE findings can be found here

Researchers interested in the more detailed research reports, including their methodological design, can find all deliverable reports from the MYPLACE project here.

The survey data set will be available to all researchers through the UK Data Archive.

Link to UK Data