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There is widespread public concern over perceived ‘political apathy’ among young Europeans disillusioned by formal politics as well as about the potential for the ‘radicalisation’ of the young where they have borne the brunt of austerity policies or feel threatened by changing patterns of immigration or stereotyping of immigrant communities. MYPLACE research findings are informing public debate around these issues through contributions to mainstream broadcasting media, high profile blogging sites and a range of visual and online resources made in the course of the project.

Contributions to BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed on Young People and Politics and on the English Defence League are available as podcasts.

The MYPLACE blog is home to more than 100 short articles in which researchers respond quickly to unfolding events and comment on contemporary news issues.

Contributions to LSE British Politics and Policy blog on:

Contributions to Policy@Manchester blog on:

Contributions to Berliner Debatte Initial on:

Contributions to other NGO and policy related blogs on:

Contributions to the press include:

Five documentary films based on MYPLACE ethnographic research into youth activism in the UK, Russia and Portugal All these films are available here.

A photo album with explanatory notes from fieldwork in Latvia, Greece, Russia, Slovakia, UK and Spain is available here.

The DANDELION project – Promoting EU-funded projects, working in the field of inclusive, innovative and reflective societies material used in preparing the scenario and the contents of the game has been extracted from public deliverables, policy briefs and fact sheets of FP7 and H2020 Project, including MYPLACE Project.