Documentary: Straight Age: the modern anarchist scene

Straight Age tells the story of the anarchist movement in St. Petersburg, Russia. Anarchistic consolidations that arise in different parts of Europe tend to become the most radical protest movements both in Russia and in other countries. Traditions of secrecy, cultural isolation and radical forms of activism evokes an atmosphere of suspense around the anarchists.

In this film we talk about the anarchists in the first person, showing their everyday life from the inside. The film covers a variety of current forms of the modern anarchist scene: from anarchistic organizations to affinity groups and “chaots”, and exposes the different and sometimes contradictory logics of its participants – punks and straight edgers, activists and sympathizers, leaders and followers.

The film is a continuation of a case study of anarchists, which was conducted in the period from February 2012 up to April 2013. Fieldwork included interviewing, observations and collection of video/photo archive, which includes recordings with punk/hardcore festivals, rehearsals, flats and other important locations and events.

The views presented are those of the authors and do not represent those of the European Commission.

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