What is MYPLACE?

  • A  four-year, €7.9 Million EC funded project
  • Coordinated by the University of Manchester
  • Exploring how young people’s social participation is shaped by the shadows (past, present and future) of totalitarianism and populism in Europe

What are the aims of MYPLACE?

To employ a combination of survey, interview and ethnographic research to provide new, pan-European data that will not only measure levels of participation but capture the meanings young people attach to it.


  • Exploring the construction and transmission of historical memory with focus groups and around 30 inter-generational interviews
  • Measuring young people’s participation using a survey delivered in 14 countries with 18000 respondents and understanding that participation using 900 in-depth follow up interviews
  • Interpreting young people’s activism through at least 42 ethnographic case studies
  • Informing policy through development of close links with policy makers.

MYPLACE can provide a hugely rich and sophisticated dataset, covering young people’s attitudes and beliefs in relation, specifically, to far-right and populist ideologies, but in practice covering issues such as class, xenophobia, racism, education and trust in democratic processes and associated social and political exclusion.

Original website: http://www.fp7-myplace.eu/index.php

Contact: Professor Hilary Pilkington at hilary.pilkington@manchester.ac.uk

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